Pay for Leads,
Not Traffic

Pay only when a user completes the desired action.

Through our proprietary media management solution, we actively optimize your traffic to exceed your KPIs while driving engagement, sales and loyalty.

“Contrail mobile has provided outstanding service and traffic for our campaigns.”

John Smith

Director of Marketing, Company X

Our Clients Include Some of the World’s Most Trusted Brands

Fraud Prevention

Our fraud prevention system detects suspicion activity by analyzing IP addresses, traffic patterns, and a multitude of metrics at the device level.

We maintain an extensive and constantly updated blacklist of known fraudulent traffic providers.

Real-time monitoring of the known “illegitimate” sites to ensure your ads do not appear & prevent against incentivized traffic.

Performance Experience

We helped connect the dots for independent business owners and customers.

Through owned and operated apps, we know what is going to work best.

With over X years in the business, Contrail Mobile can ensure top quality performance marketing for your campaigns.


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